ICK!!!…. Sickness???

ICK!!!…. Sickness???


I’m not a doctor… in fact, I’ve made a conscious decision NOT to be a doctor. However, there are a few things I’ve learned do when I get sick which may be helpful to others.

In this post I’m going to explain what I do when I feel like I’m getting sick, in order to nip it in the bud! First I’m going to discuss different supplements I take. Then what I eat. Then how I rest, relax, and visualize to allow for a speedy recovery.

Don’t Eat. Don’t Work. Don’t Move. Don’t Think. Close Your Eyes and Relax.


Stick to those basics first. The fact of the matter is this: our body needs to rest to recover. Sleep is by far the most important thing for us when we’re healing. Furthermore, any stress we experience is going to suppress our immune system. Eating unhealthy food is… just that: UNHEALTHY! Why do something more unhealthy if you’re trying to recover your health. The worst thing you can do is try to “push through.” Stop!


While that may be “enough” in general, for me it’s important to get well ASAP—not to just “enable” healing in the first place. Thus, in order to accelerate healing, there are certain things we can do.


Pleonot is often my savoir. Luckily I haven’t had to use it for quite a long time, however, if push ever came to shove I don’t hesitate to use Pleonot: putting drops up my nose and in a netti pot for sinus infections. Also using the suppositories as well if it’s really bad. Yes I just said that!

You can check out pleonot here: http://www.naturalhealthyconcepts.com/pleo-not-drops-p-sanum.html

Raw (organic) Garlic: there are a few ways to use this natural anti-viral, anti-biotic. You can blend raw, whole cloves in a mild temperature soup, blend it into a mild tea… or if you’re hardcore like me blend it into a salad… I’ll explain that one later.

Oregano Oil: I usually take this in pill Forms.

Vitamin C: I take as much vitamin C as possible. Go for a good source. I take at least 10,000 mg a day if I’m not feeling well… but again, it’s very important that you’re getting it from a good, natural source. I like the lypospheric vitamin C, Rad C, and health force’s truly natural vitamin C. Lemons are also always excellent. Personally, I’m allergic to oranges and grapefruits… but if your body craves them, why not?

Colloidal Silver: Silver is great for activating the immune system. I get mine from Gabriel Cousens and the Tree of Life.

PRL: Premier Research Labs has AWESOME supplements. When I’m sick, I stick to PRL: check out their Adaptogens, Adrenals,

Reishi: Reishi is excellent for the immune system and overall health and wellbeing. Most of our Reishi comes from Ron TeeGuarden and Shaman Shack. The Reishi Spore Oil is especially good.

Chaga: Another great compliment to Reishi.

–Echinacea: Great.

Zinc: We get ours from Mother Earth Minerals – as well as use their magnesium.

PROBIOTIC: I take a few types… I also eat a lot of Gold Mine sauerkraut. Amazing.

Enzymes (and HCL) – enzymes are important for a whole range of things… I want as many as I can get in my system – especially when I’m trying to cleanse it! I add HCL to the mix to aid my digestion so I

This is what I eat:


WATER: I DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!! I try to flush those bugs out. It’s important that you’re not just drinking bottled water… and especially not tap water that isn’t filtered – neither are very good – but make the best with what you have and ADD MINERALS TO IT(!!!!!) I use Omica minerals… but you can also use any type of micro greens for minerals…  or Himalayan crystal salt… just as long as there’s something in the water. If you can get fresh green juice instead of water… even better (just make sure its PURE GREENS… not pure sugar, ie fruit).


Green juice or Green Smoothies – I actually prefer green smoothies, keeps the fiber intact: basically just put all your greens into the blender (vitamix) with some water and raw salad dressing (olive oil, miso, lemon, salt).

Then to turn this into a super-immunity smoothie – I add: raw sauerkraut, raw garlic, cayenne, and turmeric.

Also, to make sure I get enough protein for my immune system to run, I either throw in (or create separately) a blend of sunwarrior protein powder and healthforce vitamineral greens


Here’s What I do

First things first: I pamper myself. Getting sick is your body putting the brakes on – telling you, “WOAH BUDDY! SLOW DOWN!” There’s no way around it—even with the best supplements in the world. We cannot heal if we’re not in a healing state.

More often than not, illness is emotional. In the studies I’ve seen, for example, happy people are more resistant to the rhinovirus. Truly happy, fulfilled people don’t get sick…. As easily at least.

Therefore, the point is simple: if you’re sick, get happy! And if you can’t get happy, then try to bring yourself into a peaceful state, unwind, distress, and sleep and REST – remembering, you’re only really resting with your eyes closed. Watching TV is cheating, you spend a considerable amount of energy keeping your eyes open. Instead get an audiobook or a motivational CD or listen to some music you’ve never heard before… or, if you’re like me, you can just day dream and visualize for hours.

Here are some of my methods for putting myself in a “healing state”Image

TAKE A BATH: fill it with natural magnesium flakes (like the ones from Omica), Epson salts, and essential oils (lavender, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus). Heat is good for the immune system to work.

Meditate: If you don’t know how to meditate, hire me! Or do one of my guided meditations – or find another guided meditation online. What I do, specifically when I’m sick, is a deep healing visualization. This technique has been found to heal everything from serious illnesses to warts.


–REST and SLEEP: If you get restless, I recommend playing audio – while keeping your eyes closed… but realize this: the inner life of your mind is extraordinary. You can practice a technique I’ve found called “Catching the Current.” Basically, as soon as you close your eyes start dreaming! Don’t wait until you fall asleep. Literally just find a location in your mind and start catching the current, following the images wherever they go. One tip is to eliminate all verbal information (e.g. no dialogue, no thoughts, just images). Try it, and see how it goes for you.

–ACCEPT/SURRENDER: Don’t lie to yourself and try to tell yourself: I FEEL FINE, I’m NOT SICK. This doesn’t help anyone. The point is not to ignore your illness… the point is to heal it. Instead of trying to walk around all day saying: I’m not sick, I’m not sick, I’m not sick… or saying to yourself “I feel fine, I feel fine, I feel fine” (which is really just a pretty way of saying the same thing… think about it)… try saying to yourself just the words: “health and vitality, health and vitality, health and vitality” – while you imagine a warm healing golden light moving around your body healing you.

–you can also call someone you love and who loves you… watch or listen to something funny… or just about do anything that will raise your mood and put you in the healing state! Inflating and elevating your affect in one of the quickest routes to recovery!

If you were seriously going to consider doing all of this stuff, I would suggest for you to contact me first. There are many different companies out there selling these products and not all of them are high quality and excipient free… or even from whole food sources.


Enjoy! And Feel Good Now!

Also, read this for prophylactic measures!