The 7 Day Positivity CHALLENGE!

The 7 Day Positivity CHALLENGE!


We all know the power of positive thinking…. And if you’re already thinking: yeah-yeah, blah-blah, cut to the chase – then this is especially for you!

There are so many “spiritual” or “conscious” or “enlightened” people out there – some of which you may know innnntimately… who say things like: I am VERY positive! I love unconditionally! I judge NOTHING! I am always pure in my intentions….

And I hope you are!


But for the rest of us, it’s not always this easy. We SAY these things – and we may really in fact believe them…. But then our actions can say something different.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Yeah Ben – I say those things – AND I really do believe those things – AND I act that way – MOST of the time.. I mean, hey, I slip up every now and then but so what?

The “so what” here is the kicker: let me emphasize why.


What do we call someone who is a REALLY REALLY REALLY good person – they do everything right – and then they happen to murder someone?


What do we call someone who ALWAYS tells the truth… and then lies once?

I could come up with a million examples, but the point is clear. I once had a huge fight with someone because at the time I was eating everything while being 95% raw-vegan. I told them that I was a raw vegan… after of course eating something that wasn’t raw or vegan… and we literally argued for 30 minutes: I said YES I AM she said NO YOU’RE NOT… when I put it like that it actually all sounds pretty childish.

Maybe I had a point – and maybe she had a point – but that doesn’t matter. The real point is that the people who say one thing and do another are either labeled as hypocrites, inauthentic, unreliable, or, worse, with the action they committed (murderer, liar… etc.).

Some of these are extreme examples – but look, if you say: I’m positive… and you choose to have a negative day…or two… or three… or four… maybe you need to re-evaluate what you are so you can become what you want to be.

All I’m saying is this: maybe it’s time for you to start acting more in line with that deeply held belief you have.

I’m starting here with the 7 day Positivity challenge.

Positivity is the root of EVERYTHING! Look, if we’re not positive about something, we’re not going to like it very much… and if we don’t like it very much, we’re probably not going to do.


Negativity creates disgust, disease, divorce, and death! Want to know the quickest route to abandoning your goals and visions? Become negative about them! Start doubting that you’re worthy or that the world is worthy or that it actually was a good idea in the first place to get your body in shape and your health in order (I mean c’mon, who actually needs more energy, vitality, and drive to accomplish more in their life and feel better doing it???… I mean, besides myself…)

Therefore, positivity is the FOUNDATION. It is FUNdamental – and not only that it FUNDS our MENTAL processes – allowing us to push harder and to accept more failures on the path to realizing our potential – and then BEYOND this, on the path to CREATING our potential, because let’s get something straight right here and right now: whatever you think your potential is RIGHT NOW is probably not your potential. Your potential is something SO MUCH greater than that you can’t even REALIZE WHAT IT IS right now!


So try it with me: the 7 day positivity challenge!

What we’re trying to do is to stay positive ALL OF THE TIME. Not all day long and then slipping up at night when our dog wets our carpet. No way jose! ALL THE TIME! If you break it, you start over. End of story. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

And if you’re thinking to yourself: but I can’t be positive all the time – there are so many things wrong with the world… wrong with me..

Well, then, Sir or Madame… THIS IS FOR YOU!

I can’t get into it here but there’s something I call the cyclone of appraisals in respect to the negative and positive dialectic. I’ve read and known enough intelligent people to know that “to the man of discernment, everything is painful” (pantanjali’s yoga sutras).

The trouble is, if you’re in that state right now YOU HAVE TO BREAK IT! Listen to Marcus Aurelius, the entire universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it. If you’re looking for the bad you’ll find the bad… even in the good.


For example, I recently read a poem to my friend Alex Bica. We talked about it for a while, then Alex said: look, Ben, since you asked me to criticize this, I’m LOOKING for something to criticize. You could have read me something from Yeats or Keats and I would find something in even their most perfect poems I could criticize.


He went on, but do you get it? I’ll never forget reading Elliot and Pound’s correspondence on the Wasteland. The one point that stuck with me more than anything was this: Pound made some AMAZING and severe edits… and Elliot didn’t keep them all.

That’s it: Elliot knew what he was doing. Pound was only giving him the possibility of seeing it from a new angle, not the ultimatum to.

And that is the point… so often we can get sucked into the works of life’s critics without (1) first acknowledging and understanding our own points of view and (2) without realizing that these criticisms come from the little, narrow mind of a critic.

Enough of that: ONTO THE CHALLENGE!


Your mission – if you choose to accept – is to be 100% POSITIVE (about everything: the world, your life, your relationships, your pets, the sky, Iran, the debates, etc.).

This does not mean you must be UNREALISTIC. It only means that you are CHOOSING to look at what is GOOD as opposed to WHAT IS BAD.

If you break it you must start over from the first day.






Let the games begin and let me know if you succeed.

Add comments about your progress and any challenges that may arise…. Or if it’s going especially poorly you may want to email me and set up a session!!!

Much Love and Many Blessings,