Ronnie Landis: How to increase Brain Functioning


Ronnie Landis: How to increase Brain Functioning



A great post by a friend Ronnie Landis on how to increase brain functioning!

We cannot underestimate how important BRAIN FUNCTIONING is to MIND FUNCTIONING… if this is somethign still debatable to you:

READ: Descartes Error by Antonio Damasio

and Change your Brain Change your Life by Daniel Amens

On another note — part of the work I do is mental athletics. While this is “change your mind, change your brain” (so to speak), the old body building analogy fits: it doesn’t matter how hard you work out if you don’t eat right right. Start with the foundations and work up from there — if you have too many heavy metals in your blood and mercury is floating around in your head dissolving your neurons or you continue to eviscerate your hippocampus by smoking too much weed … good luck keeping mentally fit! Similarly you could make yourself crazy ensuring you got enough omega fatty acids, iodine, etc and still not be any smarter for it! …. again: anything is better than nothing here!