Interview: Healer, Leader, and Life-Coach Jynnette Lewis!

Interview with Healer, Life-Coach, Teacher, Master Jynnette Lewis:

We discuss:

GOD: what does it mean to be spiritual? To have a relationship with God — also how does one increase their connection…. or initiate it. Related to this, we discuss the difference between just THINKING about God — or intellectualizing it — and ACTUALLY experiencing God.

CONFORMITY: what are our rules and regulations when it comes to spiritual matters–or matters of our own self? How do we trust ourselves and our own truths and not sacrifice them for the sake of “fitting in”

COMMUNITY: The importance of developing a spiritual community — there are certain challenges inherent to EVERY community… we discuss some of these pitfalls and possibilities to overcome them — also relating to ABUNDANCE and the surfacing of more and more leaders.

DIVINE ENCOUNTERS: what happens to make us shift towards the light? Jynnette discusses her experience of “divine encounters” which can quite literally transform us. These moments can often be “miraculous” in the sense that they are examples of God touching our lives

There is much more here — I invite you to watch and to join the community!

(PS: The Video Didn’t Sync Correctly — So Just Listen to the Audio!)