Learn How to Locate People/Things Across the Entire World Your Mind — Interview with IRVA Co-Founder Angela Smith on Remote Viewing

Interview with IRVA Founder Angela Smith on Remote Viewing

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Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D. is the owner of Mindwise Consulting, a life- coaching business in Boulder City, NV. Dr. Smith was a founding member and director of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) in 1999 and was recently re-elected to the IRVA board. Dr. Smith has 25 years experience in the parapsychology and remote viewing fields including 5 years working at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory and 20 years in the Remote Viewing field. The Nevada Remote Viewing Group was formed in 2002 to provide trained remote viewers with applications projects. RV training and applications work continues today under the umbrella of Mindwise Consulting in Boulder City, NV.

… and she’s also an ordained Shaman!

Watch to Learn:

What remote viewing is and how it developed by people like Ingo Swann and the U.S. Military.

How to develop and train your own Remote Viewing potential—as well as how to recognize if you already have the gift for it (including advice for those who do).

The Research on Remote Viewing and Angela’s approach to skepticism.

Miraculous uses of Remote Viewing to solve murder cases (e.g. DJ. Stephen B Williams), find missing children… and simply for aesthetic enjoyment!

check out this article on how Angela used remote viewing to help solve the Denver DJ murder case.


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She teaches people of all levels remote viewing both locally and over skype. Contact her to develop your innate sense of intuition! J