Can You Handle This?!

My Friend Jordan Passman just sent me an email with these photos….

Imagine for a second what it would be like to be the person in any one of these photos….

I did and felt like I was nearly going to fall out of my chair….

amazing isn’t it?!

· Time For a Break!

Time For a Break!Insane Lunch Location

· Very Lucky Driver

Very Lucky Driver

· It’s Just Another Day!

It's Just Another Day!

· Sitting On the Edge

Sitting On the Edge

· Just An Incredible View!

Just An Incredible View!

· Just Camping Out!

Just Camping Out!

· Insane Construction Worker

Insane Construction Worker

· Insane Rock Climber

Insane Rock Climber

· Insane Rock Climbing

Insane Rock Climbing

· Nice Place to Sit!

Nice Place to Sit!

· Chilling On the Edge

Chilling On the Edge

· Working With No Fear

Working With No Fear

· Just Hangin’ Out!

Sleeping In the Clouds