Facts About the End of the Mayan Calendar

Here are some facts related to Dec 2012, the 26,000 year-cycle is an equinox precession cycle, the 5,200 year cycle is concluding this Dec 21-23

The Mayas devised this Long Count Calendar and calculated 26,000 years (of 360 days) for the entire galactic cycle of precession.

The Winter Solstice Sun is aligned near the dark rift of the Milky Way, this began since 1999, so it does not happen only on ONE DAY (December 21, 2012)! It will take the Sun one hundred years to cross the dark rift and over 500 years to cross the center of the Milky Way.

And there are numerous Stelas that register far into our future.
To understand how Mayan calendars register million, billions, trillions, quadrillions, and octillions + years into the past and into the future read David Stuart’s 2012 book

However, No where in Mayan glyphs, writings, or archeological sites does it say “the end of the world” this is simply a FALSE interpretation

In fact, one Stela in Coba registers a colossal number “that registers the date that contemporary astro-physicists estímate for the creation of the universe” Dorian Sagan (son of Carl Sagan), Merida, Yucatan Conference, 2012

To understand Mayan astronomy, read Anthony Aveni 2011 book

And if you would like to know what present day Yucateca Mayas have to say about 2012 and their prophecies, read my master thesis “The Return of the Mayan Ancestors” (Carminia Martinez, April 2012. University of Houston)

All in all, the following days are important for many people across the world, and each person interprets this millenarian 2012 calendar date based upon their religious beliefs, psychological schema, and state of consciousness.

So do not fear, these are days for global reflection. This could be the greatest millenarian movement in world history. 


Best, Carminia & Alfonso

University of Houston

Fulbright Researcher 2012-2013

Anthropology & History