The Process: Work Will Set You Free….


Step one. Definitely commit yourself. Google the Goethe quote. It will help for the later steps. Set a deadline. No shit-no kidding. That’s your mark. Miss it and guess what? You go to hell. (WHAT?!) Yes — can you be THAT serious? (focused with undivided attention on one point)


Step two. Stop sleeping. The midnight hours are quiet. They can be your companion through the night. The morning breeze has secrets to tell you… why wait for sunrise when you can start commiserating at midnight? Put the kids to sleep and bring Dr. Jekyll out. (yes, that’s what I mean)


Step Three. Day one. Difficult maybe at first. You’re adjusting.


Step Four. Day two. A little harder. You wonder: what did I sign up for… Your support system starts leaking like a stone and mortar dam. You can keep your fingers in the cracks for now.


Step Five. Day 3. Have a million years gone by?! You wonder when it all shifted. Has everyone gone crazy? Why don’t they understand that if you stare at a white wall long enough… it starts to look like watermelon!


Step Six. Day 4… The wall now tastes like watermelon… IT’S DELICIOUS!!! And you can’t get fat if you eat it — you wonder if this could be the cure to EVERYTHING. Then you remember the reason why you were doing this was to prove that there is no panacea. You’re a little disappointed. Here you have the choice. Do you honor the integrity of the original project — or do you honor your own spiritual evolution and literally annihilate every remaining scrap of the objective form of your previous existence manifest. It’s a hard choice… at first, until you realize the answer is obvious! You do neither and literally begin something else — understanding that THIS was the truth you had missed the whole time. This step is long — bear with me. You wonder: have I made the right choice? Not because you REALLY doubt that you did… but because you’re now feeling lazy and just want to be DONE with it.


Step 7. Day 5+… Day four may have lasted anywhere from a day to a year. As Micah Zender says… “it’s hard to tell.” The word “tell” is funny you think… It’s almost “tail” — and you stop yourself there because you know that you could thoroughly investigate that useless connection perhaps for the next year. Perfection seems to matter less. You realize that this is utopia… and nothing more is needed. Music has a more robust and galvanizing tone… maybe you rub your hands over your face like you do when your on drugs for a few more times than it could be considered coincidence. Don’t tell anyone this. Seriously… At this point, there are a million more things you can do — but you really just don’t care. It’s finished.


Step 7, Sleep.


Step 8. Awake – Review. This step may come moments to months later. Because you weren’t sleeping the whole time — what you’ve done seems like it was done by someone else… because of this, you are free to praise it unconditionally — and you do. It was worth it to experience the work of such a genius. How did he come up with this?! I want to be JUST LIKE HIM…


it goes something like that….


I think it’s after the 3rd day the mania sets in… but maybe that’s just when everyone else notices…. !