Hoi Sauce: Gateway Health Foods for the Future


We have my good friend Hoi Sauce on our schedule for the this week’s Seer Series. Here’s the information for Hoi’s Presentation:

Hoi Sauce

Gateway Health Foods for the Future

Hoi is currently a Tonic Alchemist at the world-famous Erewhon Tonic Bar, with a special emphasis on making medicinal ice creams and tonic elixirs. His journey in the conscious living and health movement has led him from being a Project Engineer in multi-million dollar large-scale construction projects to becoming a spring water hunter, health advocate, an avid researcher of everything pertaining to what are the actual causes of the problems facing our world today. Hoi’s technical background in high-risk with high-reward problem solving has gained him skills in developing unique insights and perspectives into the challenges the world faces today and what each of us can do about it.


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This is project I care very much about — and I’m so glad that we have people like Hoi involved!!


Here are more details below!


Seer Series is a biweekly, ecumenical, conscious community, broadcast live-audience show in LA with music, speakers, performers, and spiritual leaders to empower, educate, entertain, and enlighten. We encourage you to come and share your vision with us and enjoy an afternoon of joy, love, support, and excitement.


The format is 30 minutes per presenter (1) to express their voice to our audience of seers and seekers while (2) promoting their vision in order to (3) create a supportive network to help each person grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and creatively.  



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