Live the Best Year of Your Life — STARTING SATURDAY

This saturday is the SECOND EVER SEER SERIES EVENT!!!!

We are blessed to have, again, such tremendous presenters — people who have MANY gifts to share with us and the world.

I would say perhaps the most rewarding part of working on this project is KNOWING that everyone who shows up is going to have an extraordinary time. After last event a group of us stayed together until around 10 PM — we SHUT DOWN Native Foods.


Mirabai Photo

To begin this event, I will lead certain empowering, community building practices. Rose Lovell will be performing extraordinary music — and then Treisa is going to knock you out with the extraordinary journey of her life, words of wisdom and live readings, then Hoi is going to BLOW YOUR MIND with what’s possible with food — how to turn old favorites into tonic, alchemical masterpieces, then eclipse is going to introduce you to your body and how it works — and then Mirabai is going to liberate your spirit. She is an international healer and speaker with A LOT of gold and wisdom to share with you. We’re so excited to have her!!!


For those of you coming — I want you just to consider one thing. Ask yourself: what do I want to know right now? Or ask yourself: who do I want to meet?


I invite you to really step into the question because I’ve got a GREAT feeling that you’re going to get it.


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Seer Series is a biweekly, ecumenical, conscious community, broadcast live-audience show in LA with music, speakers, performers, and spiritual leaders to empower, educate, entertain, and enlighten. We encourage you to come and share your vision with us and enjoy an afternoon of joy, love, support, and excitement.

The format is 30 minutes per presenter (1) to express their voice to our audience of seers and seekers while (2) promoting their vision in order to (3) create a supportive network to help each person grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and creatively.

3 – 6 pm


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2511 S. Barrington Ave

(310) 479-0430

$10 Donation

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Event on the 26th: New Beginnings — Moving Into The Best Year of Our Lives

Also stay tuned for our upcoming event Feb 9th on Sacred Love, Relationships, and Communication Mastery with Dr. Pat Allen