Adventures At The Conscious Life Expo Part 1

There is a saying, if you want to catch a crow – go where crows go!

I try never to miss an opportunity to meet enlightened people. Ultimately, I find normal people boring! If you’re not funny, zany, weird, or crazy, what’s the point? I like to live with a spark so I try to find those other people that help my light shine brighter… otherwise I have to deal with all the negative people in the world that try to dumb me down.

There are few places in the world where ANYONE can be themselves — no matter who they are. Conventions like the Conscious Life Expo is an EXCELLENT example of one of these places.

Before arriving on the first day, my friend Alex Theory sent chills down my spine when he said that he’s met some of his best LIFE-LONG friends at the Conscious Life Expo… needless to say I was excited.

In this post and the following related posts, I’ll be presenting some of my favorite “Seers” (to use the Seer Series word) from the expo. Some of these people I found to be truly wonderful human beings. To many, what you will experience will be strange, unfathomable, and downright absurd, however, I ask you to suspend your judgments and simply to enjoy.

We are all humans. We each find truth in our unique way. There will be many people we do not resonate with. Let us not also add insult to injury and condemn them.

I invite you to delight in these magical personalities — and if you connect with any one of them, please do not hesitate to contact me / them. We’re all human beings after all! There’s no harm in making a connection 🙂 Who knows where it will go?

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Also, if you’re interested in delving deeper into the true, the good, and the beautiful with a community of likeminded people, join us at The Seer Series /

Here was the schedule I had to look forward to!

Free with Day Pass General Workshop Keynote Workshop Special Event

Friday Workshop Schedule

Los Angeles 1 Carmel La Jolla Los Angeles 2 Plaza
Opening  Cer e monies  with   Rev.  Basia  Durnas
                      3pm  Mezzanine  Lobby and Mary Skene
3:00 Viktor Grant FREE SPECIAL EVENT
3:30 2pm – 5:30pm Paramahansa FREE EVENT
4:00 Dr Wendy Treynor Jerry Hoskey  Online Marketing   Jagadish Reincarnation Panel
4:30 Don’t Believe     How to Be Your  Google Page One. How?Video Blogging  Kirtan and   Reincarnation
5:00  Everything You Think Own Psychic Workshop Sacred Healing Host: Linda Backman
6:00 Robert Perala Linda Backman Nick Delgado Lori Spagna FREE EVENT
6:30 Extraterrestrials Past Lives and Outlive the World’s Manifestation Circle Sound Healing Panel
7:00 Are Here the Time Between Oldest Human for Abundance Sound Healing
7:30 Moderator: Ron James
8:00 Oneness Event Steven Halpern David Wilcock Gail Thackray
8:30 Awakening Secrets of  The Beginning Manifesting FREE EVENT
9:00 Humanity Sound Healing of the Ascension  Abundance Divination Panel
9:30 Timeline Tools & Predictions 
Host: Joseph Martin
Free with Day Pass General Workshop Keynote Workshop Special Event

Saturday Workshop Schedule

Los Angeles 1 Carmel La Jolla Los Angeles 2 Plaza
10:00 Samuel Kiwasz Chris Macklin Pam Oslie Jim Strohecker UFO Panel Below the Radar
10:30 Sacred Divine Healing  Living  Your Aura Holographic  Hosts: Serena Taylor
11:00 Geometry Experience Colors  Change Process and Robert Perala
12:00 Dannion Brinkley James Fox Lynn Andrews Paramahansa Jagadish FREE EVENT
12:30 Mastering Life in UFO Film Making: Riding the Light Multi-Dimensional Raw Food Panel
1:00  Times of Miracles The Inside Scoop Waves of 2013 Sacred Healing Raw Food
1:30 Moderator: Happy Oasis
2:00 Vaishali Caroline Casey Glynis McCants Vickie Gay
2:30 The Nature of Reverant Love By The Renew Your Spirit SPECIAL EVENT
3:00 Afterlife Renaissance Numbers Psychic Activation George Noory Panel
3:30  Emerging Science  
4:00 Colin Andrews Foster & Kimberly Arielle Ford Ron Amitron Host: George Noory
4:30 The Edge Gamble The Soulmate The 2013 Human
5:00 of Reality Transform the World Secret Workshop Balancing Act! FREE EVENT
5:30 Hemp Panel
6:00 Emy Shanti   Gregg Braden Gail Thackray Pragmatism of Hemp
6:30 & Xavier Yxayotl    A Crisis Spiritual Moderated by Shima Moore
7:00 Mayan Secrets   in Thinking Journeys
8:00 Kaitlyn Keyt William Henry 8:30 pm – 12pm Howard Martin Earth Magic
8:30 Remember Your The Judgement Day Cosmic Emergence After Lifting the Veils
9:00 Past Lives Device Project Convergence  2012 Whats Next Between  Kingdoms
9:30 Celebration Moderator: Diana Maxwell
with Incendio  Latin Guitar World Fusion
Free with Day Pass General Workshop Keynote Workshop Special Event

Sunday Workshop Schedule

Los Angeles 1 Carmel La Jolla Los Angeles 2 Plaza
10:00 Adam Apollo Gail Thackray Michael Simonson Alfonso De Rose Money, Magic and 
10:30 Djedhi Healing with The Energetically Sacred Consciousness
11:00 Training John of God Sensitive Soul Sexuality Host Kimberly Gamble
12:00 Starhawk Steven Sadleir John Roulac Helaine Z. Harris FREE EVENT
12:301:00   Lessons From the Fifth Sacred Thing Shaktipat Kundalini   GMO’s How To Stop Monsanto Develop YouBusiness Intuition Interspecies Communication
12 Noon – 1:30 pm Moderateor: Lori Spagna
Lunch w/ George
&  Award Ceremony (this is a timeless zone)
2:00 Stephen Bassett John Trudell Colette Baron-Reid Sean David Morton
2:30 UFO  Hempstead Accessing the 2013-2025 AD: FREE EVENT
3:00 Disclosure Project Heart Quantum Field The Night Jaguar Health Panel
3:30 Living Toxin-Free 
4:00  John  Robbins Kerry Cassidy Eric Pearl George Makris Moderator:  Hyla Cass
4:30 Healing Power  The Truth Behind  New Frequencies Become Inspired 
5:00 of Integrity The Matrix in Healing Empowered & Free FREE EVENT
5:30 Angel Panel
6:00 Wayne Perry  Don Tolman Dan Millman Zarathustra  Connecting with  
6:30 Chakra & Tantra Whole Food The Peaceful 5th Dimensional the New Angelic 
7:00  Toning Medicine Warrior Experience  Quantum Healing Frequencies
8:00 Closing Ceremonies  with  D a n  Millman
8pm  La Jolla Ballroom