Adventures At The Conscious Life Expo Part 2

Instantly upon arrival I was FLOORED. The scene almost reminded me of spiritual comic con — with everybody dressed up in their best god / goddess outfits.

Upstairs, at the media desk I ran into my friend Dawna Schuman — the Angel who brought me to the expo. Beside her was another woman dressed in light pink wraps with a giant crystal staff depicting the zodiac. I was home. We connected and then I went downstairs to check out the Expo.


Wandering down the aisles I ran into Roger Valentine — the veterinarian and Atlas Balancer who had joined me on for a private mayan gathering in the Yucatan for the solstice (led by none other than Howard Wills and Roberto Lavia). We got along then and this was the first time I had seen him since!


Roger then walked me around to find a friend of his… but along the way, I had to stop to meet Monk Michael.


These monks were the most futuristic monks I had ever seen. They seemed like something out of a Final Fantasy game. I couldn’t believe it. Monk Michael showed me their advanced metaphysical crystal technologies and then told me a little about his life. I can’t say that I agree with him on everything — but I certainly appreciate and respect his devotion and the purity of his heart!

In truth, I’m so happy to know there are places like this that exist in the world. For all the chaos and confusion — we can all find some good old fashioned metaphysical-tourism — fun that feeds our soul and not simply our head or our buns.




Stay tuned for Mama Ava the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans as well as Ivan Rados, the Sacred Geometry Yantra Monk.


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