Bored? Do This

There’s no such thing as boring. Only boring people.


Are you guilty of ever telling someone this? And sincerely meaning it?


What about that time you were just tearing your hair out, tapping your feet and flicking your nails? That time when you wanted to vomit because you were so bored?


Maybe you heard the same thing?


There’s a wicked dictum in that statement: our experience is the outcome of our attitudes and actions!


Let me say that again (because it’s so important):  our experience is the outcome of our attitudes and actions!


So what can you do in those moments that you’re PAINFULLY bored — regardless of how well you understand that only boring people get bored?


First, understand that boredom comes from lack of engagement. Lack of engagement either comes from fear, disinterest, upset or any other aversive emotion generated by our circumstances which tells us: F EVERYTHING AND RUN…. while our big brains let us stick around anyway.


Here’s what you can do to re-engage.


Ask yourself: what’s interesting about this? “NOTHING,” you might say. Ask, what could be?


Say/Do something risky or uncomfortable. Break out of your comfort zone — comfort breeds boredom.


Use your imagination! If that person were an animal, what animal would they be? Ask yourself: WHAT IF? What if they tripped right now? What if I tossed them a loaf of bread? What if a rat strolled in?


Ask yourself: What’s funny about this? Work on your humor skills — if you can get yourself to laugh, you know it’s funny.


Become a psychic: (1) look at someone and try to determine their life story, their desires, and why they’re doing what they’re now doing (if you really want to kick things up: ask them!) (2) read someone’s mind: what are they thinking right now? What would be unexpected? (3) Read someone’s aura — what color is their aura? What does this represent?