The Most Racist Ad of All Time

I have seen some news sites calling the Mountain Dew commercials some of the “most racist ads of all time.” You can watch all of them here (the last one is, perhaps, the worst of them)


First off, I don’t really understand these videos at all. They’re not very funny…. They are, however, shocking and odd — which would make sense coming from Tyler the Creator and Odd Future… Granted  I can imagine them being shared virally now, especially after the controversy, I’m really curious what other people think about them.


As far as “the most racist commercial of all time” goes… I’m sure there are far worse. I mean, just consider the Golliwog — which my brother and I just recently passed in the window of a store in Melbourne’s city center. Is this commercial really the most racist?



I think my sentiment is best described with what this writer from had to say:

“I have absolutely no idea what any of this has to do with caffeinated citrus beverages. But I do know that none of this seems unusual from a group who rode to fame on the motto “KILL PEOPLE, BURN SHIT, FUCK SCHOOL,” or from a man whose lyrics express the priorities to “go skate, rape sluts and eat donuts.”  ”


What do you think?