The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But…

Things have settled down in Singapore… for the moment. In the dash and dazzle of sunrise late nights and fleets of BMW 7 series branded “Star Count”… I’m overwhelmed by the urge to say that this tremor is just a beacon for the world to come — a fear I have long since embraced.

Years ago, I was one of the first of my friends to start engaging myspace and facebook. I remember it was kind of like a joke to us — but we had fun with it. There wasn’t really a conversation about it rotting our teeth and untethering our souls. Then somewhere down the line, the Second Life scare began and I started to think that people were bartering their lives for simulated thrills. Facebook would win out. Face to face communication would end (I even read a report recently that said that “successful” people tend to spend less time nowadays using the telephone to communicate to family and friends — it’s all sexless text). Then Amazon would develop it’s one day delivery service (which it does now btw) and, all of a sudden, all contact would cease. We would all be these avatars of ourselves albeit far less versatile and exciting than the blue ones.

Have you ever felt this way? Or had this conversation?

Now, I see the other side of it. Now I see the opportunity for us to interface with each other on a cosmic level, exceeding far beyond the wildest dreams of our grandparents only 50 – 100 years ago (not much considering that our life spans are reaching unprecedented height)!

There is so much creativity abounding. There are so many people who have been empowered to fulfill their passions in a way that fulfills their bellies and their pockets. For the first time, I see that the stars of today are going to be crowded out by the stars of tomorrow. Instead of people lording their celebrity above us, encouraging passive spectatorship and maybe inspiring a passing line at the water cooler — the next generation is steam-lining towards a massive shift in consumer engagement — because, let’s face it , unless you’re lost in the woods somewhere, you’re a consumer. Even the Piraha are consumers by now. Why must it be a dirty word?

This next generation of superstars is driving our involvement in this space. This next generation of superstars is inviting us to participate in the conversation. They’re sounding the trumpet at the tents to call users everywhere down from the mountain tops. I feel the calling in my heart. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of a world with billions engaged: A world where our media starts in our eyes and our ears — but ends with our mouths and our hands. The screen which has been a thick wasteland of vestation has become a portal to connections deeper and denser than we could have expected.

The people are gathering around the fire place to tell stories again. I see the swell of a trangression moving us from the limbo of observation towards “real life.” Turn your board. We’re in the water.