New Years Resolution 2015

I think my last real post here was in 2013. Firstly, I would like to change that.

I suppose I stopped writing here in fear of judgment. I work in perhaps the most hyper-critical and vain industry on the planet…. And I didn’t want to reveal my soft lower belly: love of poetry, love of spirituality, love of personal development, love of people.

I’m over that delusion.


I think my cognitive dissonance between identifying myself as a “spiritual” man and a “business” man also stopped me. Sometimes I tell myself that to step my foot in one world means I must remain in the closet of the other world.

But this is untrue. It is fear and insecurity that comes with the “will to appear” a certain way to others. Ultimately, my choice to keep a beard makes this task impossible, so I figure my choice to conceal my passions is irrelevant.

You look at me and know: I’m a spiritual man. I care about love and God (or at least the discovery of what that means) and the well being of humanity. Since I choose not to hide that (not even to myself when I look in the mirror) I suppose it only makes sense that I shouldn’t be ashamed of it either!


(Click here if you haven’t seen that video yet!

Furthermore, I think shame (or embarrassment) is a pointless emotion. I have always said, our secrets are our weakness, so I have tried not to have any.

In our minds we imagine our nakedness to be like a portal into anguish. It isn’t though.

By sharing the things we are most embarrassed by we realize fast how little anyone really cares. “Most people spend too much time worrying about what others think about them until they realize they don’t”.

Confronting fear is the fast lane to self-liberation. Shame is just the fear that “if they know, they will hurt me”. This can be true… But then we pay the price of hardening our hearts instead. Personally, I think that hurts more.


I’m excited to begin expressing myself again on this blog in honor of the new year. You probably won’t find anything personal about my business or my clients, however I will be honestly sharing my musings, my thoughts, and my revelations…. “aut delectare aut prodesse est” (either to pleasure or to educate”)

L’Chaim! 🙂

Ps since the title of this was New Years resolutions I should say my resolution this year is to balance my life out. As an enthusiast, I quickly stretch to extremes. This leaves me burnt out and exhausted…. And I don’t want to be the empty husk of a body that I witness so many high level entrepreneurs become. So, this year I’m going to strive for balance.