Circle Together 

I just posted this on Facebook…. I also wanted to share it here too. This was my follow up to our first Circle Together event (apart from our weekly circles and leadership trainings). I’m so glad to have a passion like this. I also recognize that this work is not for everyone and that’s totally alright. Learning how to agree and disagree simultaneously with someone was probably one of the definitions of Firzgeralds quote about intelligence. That intelligence is being able to hold two contradictory ideas in mind at once. That is to say, if only we could experience our own distaste for others passions as our own distaste without all the consequent projections about them…. Or at least to say, I recognize how I can judge people for their taste (in art or movies or friends) and how clearly that mirror appears when I risk showing my own passions…. And also what a gift it is to recognize this and confront my own projections. Even just a year ago I would not have shared this. I would have worried too much about how I could be judged for my passion in person development and spirituality. Today I’m not worried about people conflating one of my passions with the totality of my character  — probably because I’ve stopped worrying about doing that to them! 🙂 

And here below, for my own personal record! 

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 
Thank you all for such a profound evening. Holy shit. There is so much more I could say about it. My heart is still a raging volcano of love for everyone who showed up and supported. 
Last night was the first time anything like that has been done. So many men and women stepped up to lead and support. We took giant risks and I judge that we succeeded. We now have a 50 page event bible for the evening that will continue to be refined and developed. Everyone who was present last night co-created something magical. We are all responsible for how powerful last night was. 
We are a community of leaders. No one comes into this work and stays a “guest” or just a student or a passive spectator. To be in the work, you are empowered to be a leader. Everyone becomes a leader… And the systems in place for this to work are so good that it can happen in just a matter of weeks. I think that was clear from all the male and female leaders who guided us last night. There are thousands of leaders here in LA alone. 
Less than 10 weeks after I started this work (years ago) I was empowered to lead circles. 
I have seen so many men and women’s lives transform. I have been part of so many men and women’s lives transforming. I have seen men and women model things for me that I did not even think were emotionally, psychologically, physically, socially, or spiritually possible. They are the reason I am writing this right now. They have helped me realize more of who I am and become it. Some of them were present last night (you know who you are!!!!)
And this is a never ending journey. I don’t get to wake up one morning and decide that I don’t need to breathe anymore or eat anymore or sleep anymore just because I did it last week or yesterday. 
Every week I grow. Every week I am reminded of who I am. Every week I shed a layer that has built up the week before. And I’m glad it’s this way. I’m glad I get to circle together weekly with powerful men and women who I can inspire and who inspire me. 
They are the golden thread that keeps me moving forward instead of backwards or standing still. 
At one point of my life I really wanted to do it alone. I wanted a therapist or to take a workshop and have my life radically transform. I wanted to show up in the world as perfect and have as few people as possible see my imperfections on the journey getting there. I wanted teachers and leaders who stood above me who could lift me up. I wanted to drink from someone else’s well. 
This work has taught me how to step into my own power. We do not teach each other. We do not advise each other. We do not think that people come in broken and need to be fixed. We do not judge each other. We do not try to change each other. 
We simply circle together. 
We circle together and empower each other to step into our own power. To realize who we are and become it. And what that looks like is different for everyone. There is no one “right” way because there are no judgments. 
The circle is a laboratory for me to experiment and experience what it’s like to express all parts of myself in a safe container — especially the parts I hide, repress, and deny. 
It was only by confronting and accepting these parts of myself in front of others that I was able to begin to live undivided and whole-hearted. 
The biggest mistake of my life was ever thinking that I could live the life I wanted without having this sort of support. I feel so blessed that I choose not to make that mistake anymore. 
If you have any questions about last night, the organizations that were present, or you want to get involved in one of our weekly circles, please message or call me. 
Last night was just an introduction. 
The point of this work (to me) is that I get to build a championship team that helps me get to the top of the mountain of my mission to live life at my peak. I have that. I know what that’s like. And I am so inspired to give this gift back to whoever wants it. I am absolutely certain that this has been the most important thing in my life. 
There is a process to this and it happens through consistently showing up on a weekly basis to support, challenge, facilitate, and empower each other in a small group of powerful people. 
Our organization, Circle Together, brings men and women together into these circles as well as trains them to lead transformation circles. We also encourage men and women to experience our brother and sister organizations like MKP, Women Within, and HER. 
I cannot express enough how much of a gift this work has been to me. If it calls to you at all, please allow me to be of service and help you get involved. 
Some people are not willing yet to go this deep…. But throughout my life as a seeker, I have experienced no other personal development work that produces such profound and consistent transformations for those who are committed. 
If you’re looking to step into your own power and become more of who you truly are, my invitation is that you leap boldly into this work. You will get results. I have continued getting consistent results every week for the past 3 years. 
So much love!!!!!