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Our jobs, relationships, missions, purposes, outreach, and actions ultimately serve one purpose: we wish to live a good life, flourish, and share love & light.

During the last 10 years, Benjamin Rolnik’s mission has been to help awaken others to the possibility that they deserve to feel good now, showing them how. His practice integrates 3 main disciplines: Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Mastery.

Yoga is one of the most advanced techniques for strengthening and lengthening the mind, body, and spirit. If our bodies are not healthy, how can we expect to be healthy? The word asana, describing the various poses of hatha yoga, means “comfortable seat.” Thus, yoga prepares the body for the next discipline: meditation.

Meditation is a necessary practice for mastering the mind. Swami Satchidananda used to say: the mind is like a monkey—and not just that, a drunk monkey—and not just that—a drunk monkey bitten by a scorpion. Without a mastered mind, we are at the mercy of what Kant describes as the “heteronymous will.” In other words, we are at the mercy of fate not the captain of it. Traditional methods of meditation, however, are not always enough to achieve this level of mastery. Therefore, Ben has developed other systems of meditation utilizing his skills and knowledge of Neuroscience, NLP, and Mental Athletics that, literally, build the mind and brain, increasing ones potential for action and creation.

SelfMastery comes when we have mastered our bodies and our minds, and are able to master our selves—Dassein—our “being in the world.” It is only in this way that we may be, as the Good Book says, “in this world but not of it.” Genuine fulfillment comes when we do not suffer at the toss of the dice but rather manifest our own fortune.

His practice is holistic and integrative—drawing upon diverse traditions of philosophy, yoga, meditation, exercise, health, nutrition, spirituality, and ritual. In addition to Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Mastery, he teaches vegan/live food diet, cooking, and supplementation. He also works as a Transformation Life Coach, helping people realize their potential, access bliss and peace, and improve the total quality of their lives. He is currently finishing a book on “The Good Life.”

Ben’s dream is to bring a holistic healing and learning center to LA, where seekers from all over the world can nourish their bodies through delicious home-grown live vegan cuisine, their minds through classes taught by himself and visiting masters, as well as their spirits by growing in the solidarity of other like-minded, happy, purpose-driven, enlightened individuals.

Leap cheerfully. Love your fate. And FEEL GOOD NOW!

Training includes some of the world’s leading masters in;

Yoga and Meditation (Guru Prem, Meenakshi Angel Honig, Tamal Dodge),

Health, Nutrition, and Healing (Gabriel Cousens, Howard Wills, Dr. Zheu, Jason Wrobel, Kathy Hoshijo),

Mental Athletics (Chester Santos, Dominic O’Brien),

Poetry (Dana Gioia, Dreaming Bear),

Philosophy (Dallas Willard, Scott Soames, Anthony Kammas),

Photography (Steve Erle, Gitte Meldgaard, Ross Halfin),

Psychology (Daniel Siegel, Neil Strauss, Anthony Robbins, Antonio Damasio, Harold Bloomfield, Pat Allen, Mark Victor Hansen).

Ben is currently available for private sessions. Please contact BenRolnik@gmail.com for any enquiries. Namaste. Much Love and Many Blessings.



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